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Astoria Floors at 12 Taunton Drive in Cheltenham, Victoria

Astoria Floors in 12 Taunton Drive, Victoria: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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General contractor


12 Taunton Drive,
Cheltenham, Victoria
3192, Australia
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Phone: +61 1300 724 777

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Reviews about Astoria Floors

  • John Appa
    1 /5
    Astoria floors completed our job back in December 2014 and we were very happy with the completed product. 2-3 months ago I contact Astoria as I noticed that my floor boards had lifted and wanted to see if they can come over and have a look. I rang and they said someone would come and have a look. No one called me back and several weeks later I called again and they said the person who installed the floor boards is away overseas and said to call back after he gets back. Several weeks went past and I called back and asked if Mark the installer could please call me and come and see what needs to be done. This did not occur until I rang a further two times to ask Mark to call me back. Mark FINALLY rang me. Then the difficult part was getting Mark to come and see what the problem. The next problem was him not coming when he said he would, and on two occasions having to take time off work to wait for him and him not turn up. Finally he came over and to start with was RUDE and like it was an inconvenience for him to be there. We discovered that the lifted caused by water damage from my fridge, which I was unaware of and I said I would like to get fixed and would claim through my insurance company. In a RUDE manner Mark said this would costs thousands and Andre would call me on Monday to give me a quote and left. The most disappointing part is I just wanted to know what was wrong and if anything on my end I would be happy to pay. I even spoke to Andre to see why he hasn't sent me a quote as yet and he didn't even care or want to know what was wrong, he said "its going to take weeks to come and see you as it costs money to send someone to see you and we don't want to waste our time". I highly recommended them at the start when I got my job done but after the poor service and the way they have BELITTLED me, I would NEVER recommend anyone go with Astoria.
  • Mark Kobylarz
    5 /5
    After searching for bamboo flooring for a few weeks I finally found Astoria Floors Bamboo, so I called to get some more information.. Within a couple of days I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision regarding my floors. The staff at Astoria floors were very knowledgeable, confident, extremely accommodating, helpful and efficient. Extremely precise work - the workmanship was second to none. Two weeks later everyone loves my new bamboo floors, they look amazing. I am more than happy in highly recommending Astoria Floors! Thank you Astoria Floors!!!!
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About Astoria Floors in Cheltenham, Victoria

Astoria Floors is located at 12 Taunton Drive, Cheltenham, Victoria.